Sell Anywhere And Everywhere

With Shift8 Point Of Sale

Your complete Point of Sale Solution

Provide your customers with a unique experience that keeps them coming back.
Shift8 delivers a customisable solution that allows you to create on-brand, intuitive, and memorable interfaces.
Best of all, your entire network is easily managed remotely by you.


You're in control

Update all point of sale terminals within your network. Make changes instantly, update pricing and menus, or schedule changes ahead of time.

All together now

Assign price tiers to store to cut down on management time and create consistency in your network. Or allow stores to set their own prices for some or all items, it's your choice.

No internet, no problem

If your internet drops out, the store will operate and still perform all offline sale functions. Once a connection is reestablished data is automatically uploaded and synced.

Keypad Interface

From the simplest ordering workflow to the most complex, the Shift8 point of sale keypad is simple and easy for your staff to use.

Coupons and Vouchers

Set up product offers that influence customer behaviour. Create rules based on items, location, days and times an offer is available for redemption.

Administration functionality

Stocktake, wastage, training, refund, float in & out, petty cash, price levels plus much more is available directly on the POS.

Inventory Management

Want to gain an accurate cost of goods and understand your network's current stock levels?

Send purchase orders, receive stock, and complete stocktakes all on our easy to use platform. The software will help you identify wastage, unnecessary purchases and where improvements can be made.

Recipe management

Maximise the profitability of your network by incorporating recipe management into your processes.
By setting up recipes, you'll be able to measure and manage the cost of goods across your network.



Need a little help? We have a highly skilled team dedicated to assisting our global network of stores.

Managed Services

Don't have time or the resource to manage your Point of Sale? Our optional Managed Services solution provides a subscription-based POS management service to help manage your POS network.

Ongoing Development

Our development team is constantly rolling out new features and updates. Shift8 produces an evolving platform updated to all of our customers as new features become available.