Digital Signage

Bring your menu boards to life with S8DV

Digital Signage – Throw your USB away! 

Your brand can create playlists incorporating image and video files to provide a unique experience for your customers. Looking at a menu screen can now become an interesting experience, and unique way to communicate your brand message.

Controlled from one central cloud location means no need to send out physical marketing material to stores or chase up where your USB sticks are located!

S8DV is feature rich cloud based technology with dynamic settings including:

Date – create playlists for significant dates like a Public Holiday, Long weekend and events like in advance.

Time – Schedule different campaigns at different times of the day. Messaging and images can be different at breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

Duration – Signage can run for as long or as quickly as you require.

Day – Different messaging can be shown on the screen at different days of the week.

Temperature – our smart techology means that screens always know the location of the store they are in!
This means you can pre-prepare for a heat wave or cold snap by setting the temperature range you would like the product images to display in. Once the temperature falls wihtin the range, the images are automatically added to your display. Smart huh?