Meaningful interactions with your customers

A branded mobile application can greatly improve your customers' experience with your brand. Mobile apps provide your consumers with the flexibility to interact with your brand when, where, and how they want, and provide you with a unique opportunity to interact directly with your end-users.

Loyalty App

Reward your customers your way.

The Shift8 loyalty app is branded in your logo and colour palette.
Your customers earn and keep track of their rewards on their mobile device. You are able to interact directly with your customers by keeping them informed and up to date with your brand. Manage your news, articles, promotions and offers in realtime or schedule in advance and even push important notifications directly to your customers.

Our loyalty app is compatible with a traditional loyalty card system, and is available on both iOS and Android.

Order Ahead App

The Shift8 order ahead app provides your customers with the convenience to browse your menu, and place their order ahead of time for pick up and go.

App Content
Management is controlled centrally with menu changes in realtime if required.
Day part menus, tiered pricing, and differing menus by location are all available along with many features.

Available as both a stand alone solution or combined with our loyalty app.

Looking to put your brand directly in your customers hands?
See the process!

Create your branded app with Shift8's customisable framework.

1. Features

Select the features that would best suit your customer base and begin to form your unique app experience.

2. Data Essentials

Understand who your customers are by selecting what data you wish to collect through your app.

3. Designs

Select colours and create assets to form your unique branded app. You will be able to directly communicate with your customers by scheduling promotional content displayed on the home screen of your app.

4. Prototyping

While you gather your features, requirements and designs Shift8 can provide you with an interactive prototype. This will give you a feel for the user experience.

Sit back and relax

Leave the development to Shift8, sit back and observe as we provide you with your first look at your branded app.

Review Your App

You'll have your branded app in your hands in just a few weeks! This will let you share the app with your team, start the beta testing process, and provide Shift8 with any final feedback.


Your app is ready to submit! Shift8 will handle the submission process. Just choose a day and prepare for your launch!

Feedback + Updates

Shift8 understands that the process doesn't end at app launch. Provide the team with feedback and we can factor this in as we update app features.


See your live sales with the touch of a button.

The S8Mini app delivers live sales directly to your phone. See how your network is performing and track sales performance against yesterday, last week, and last year. Filter to see how each store in your network is performing and compare individual store performance.

This essential business tool is available to all user of the shift8 system and is suitable for the CEO to area manager through to your franchises or store managers.