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Flexible Point of Sale

S8pos is all about ease of use, functionality and stability. Reduce training and improve speed of service across your entire network.


S8pos talks directly to your EFTpos terminals, online ordering platform and digital loyalty system. Save time with no manual re-keying for your core functionality.

Light weight

The software has a very small footprint with no complicated installs. Simply drop the executable, push a terminal update from HiveMind and you’re good to go.


Interact with your customers seamlessly with Drone. Digital menu panels, customer collection screens, kitchen monitors and loyalty stations all talking in real time to your POS.

Your Look

S8pos gives you enormous flexibility to customise your keypad layouts. From simple categories & menus, to automatic clerk prompts, colours & fonts, design you own product flows and much more.

Our experienced operations team will guide you through your first keypad setup, ensuring that the workflows are designed to improve your speed of service and deliver amazing results.


The S8pos keypad software requires a minimum of space on your POS terminal and forgoes the need to install complicated local databases. Our current clients use everything from brand new Windows 8.1 tablet to much older Windows XP driven systems.

Best of all, should your store lose its internet connection all local store functionality keeps working with sales uploaded automatically to the Shift8 servers as soon as the connection is re-established.


Automatic combos when specific items in the sale meet certain requirements.

Prompting clerks to recommend a certain product based on the existing sale basket.

Seamless vouchers, deals and coupons for your clientele to redeem.

Multiple price levels and tiers for your individual stores and entire network.

Fast clerk switching, simple hold and pickup orders between different terminals.

All available with S8pos.


Send your electronic payments directly to the merchant terminal saving your staff valuable time re-keying payment information.

Receive your orders directly from Beat-the-Q to your POS terminal where they follow the standard in store workflow.

One of the most popular integrations is Shift8’s loyalty platform, completely included as part of our standard offer to all clients.

We are constantly adding new integrations to S8pos so check back with us often for any updates.

Learn More about Digital Loyalty


Digital Menu Panels & Signage – active pricing, rotate your slide show depending on time of day and even embed video in your digital signage.

Kitchen Bump Screens – send certain products to certain areas of your store, report on order make times, recall orders,  product notes and bump by line or order.

Driver Bump Screens – assign your delivery orders to specific drivers and track their milage.

Customer Collection Screens – notify your customers to the status of their order. Integrates with our loyalty system to save time asking and typing customer names.


Control and Redundancy

All S8pos features, settings and keypad structure are built and deployed using HiveMind, our business and POS management system. Head office has complete control over the entire system and are able to open up settings to the individual stores or franchisees.

HiveMind holds all master records for the S8pos setup for every single terminal in your network. Should you ever require replacement hardware in store it is a simple matter to push out a copy of the specific store’s S8pos settings, keeping downtime to a minimum .

The Complete Suite

S8pos covers much more than the basics for your network. All S8pos features and settings are set through HiveMind, providing your head office with complete control.  Franchisees, store managers, clerks and employees have specific access to the system functionality which includes:

  • Automated menu flows
  • Upsell prompts
  • Product and ingredient substitutions
  • Table maps, tabs
  • Sales on account
  • Auto-combo, prompt items
  • Phone orders, delivery orders, customer database
  • Fast clerk switching, hold orders
  • Coupons, vouchers, gift cards
  • Time in attendance
  • Paid in / outs
  • Customer facing displays
  • Customizable receipt templates
  • Print to thermal, label, impact printers, automatically or prompted, across serial, usb or ethernet
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