Digital Loyalty


100% Integrated

Shift8’s digital loyalty systems are built as part of the HiveMind and S8pos software solution. Guaranteed to work seamlessly with your Shift8 POS system.

Your Choice

Points or products based? You choose. You can even run more than one system linked to the same card number for the same customer.


Real Time

In keeping with the rest of our software our loyalty runs in realtime for accruals and redemptions. Ensure your customers never miss out again.


That’s right! Over 2 million Australians currently use our loyalty systems through our clients’ POS.

Your Look

Shift8’s digital loyalty systems are easily customisable to your brands look and feel. We provide a simple template of graphics which you can use to apply your individual brand graphics and styling.


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Setting a New Standard

For all of our HiveMind and S8pos customers we provide a standard digital loyalty system absolutely free. You’ll still need to have your own physical cards printed however we can assist with this process if you require.

Shift8’s digital loyalty is completely integrated into our standard software suite, not supplied as a bolt on extra. Delivering  a fluid and seamless experience for your operators and customers alike. Plus the reporting for an integral part of sales reports capturing the information you need to make the right decisions.


Points based to calculate on total dollar transactions and build up a bank of discount points for future purposes.

Product based to buy certain qualifying items and receive a free product after a set number of purchases.

Tiered to automatically transition customers between loyalty levels based on frequency or spend.

Bonuses triggered upon signing up, birthdays or timed events. Make your customers feel special and drive them to your stores.


Looking to reward your best customers and brand partners with an extra special offer?

Shift8 can setup a VIP system inside your normal loyalty platform providing special customers with added bonuses, faster accruals, larger discounts and much more. Show your best customers or staff how much they mean to you.

The Complete Suite

Shift8’s digital loyalty system is constantly evolving to meet our customers needs. Currently available functionality includes:

  • Product or points based
  • Multiple systems attached to one card
  • Min max accruals and redemptions
  • Direct integration with certain 3rd party systems
  • Tiers and VIP status options
  • Customised look and feel
  • Seamless operation with the Shift8 POS systems
  • Historical transactions available to both head office and customers
  • Auto prompt for the clerk based on last customer purchase
  • Reporting combined with sales
  • Option in-store loyalty registration stations
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