Cloud-based Reporting & Management Suite


Advanced POS Management

HiveMind will change the way you manage POS forever. Simple terminal updates, automatic polling, and server side records of all settings.

Ease of Access

HiveMind is accessible from any PC or Mac browser. No dedicated software required to manage, report or analyse your network. We take care of it all from our servers.


The software includes live sales reporting across your entire store network. Check summaries, product mix, clerk sales, transaction details and much more.


HiveMind has been implemented in franchise and corporate chains in Australia and overseas with all of our customers having access to new features the moment they are released.

Dynamic Reporting

HiveMind has been built to manage all your reporting needs. Straight out of the box you receive all features including sales & product mix reporting, rostering and timesheets, inventory management, franchise fee management, P&L benchmarks and much more.

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Point of Sale Management

HiveMind seamlessly integrates with our in-house keypad software Drone. You can manage everything related to your network from stores and hardware, tiered pricing, products down to what prints where. Best of all it’s a simple click of a button to update all stores remotely.

Live Sales

Using any modern browser you can access sales across your network instantly. HiveMind sits in the cloud meaning no propriety software required to perform any of the reporting or management functions, simply log in and you’re good to go.

Sales from Drone poll as they occur, reports are up to date and in the worse case of an internet drop out in-store the software will simply automatically upload sales to the servers once a connection has been re-established.

Reduce Your Overheads

Shift8’s software suite requires no head office servers. We take care of the hosting, servers, backups and data centre. All you require is in store hardware (again no servers, just the POS and peripherals) and a decent internet connection. Rest assured that we own our servers, house them in world class data centres located here in Australia and our clients always retain ownership of their actual data.

The Complete Suite

HiveMind covers much more than the basics for your network. Head office power users, operational managers, store managers, and franchisees have specific access to the system functionality which includes:

  • Sales, product, clerk, network reports
  • Costed rosters and POS integrated timesheets
  • Inventory, purchase orders, recipe management
  • Franchise fee management
  • Store business detail settings and fixed costs for reporting
  • P&L and KPI benchmark reporting
  • Tiered pricing
  • Product and keypad management
  • POS and peripheral management
  • Integrated electronic loyalty systems
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Advanced Drag & Drop Builder

HiveMind is delivered complete with an in-browser keypad designer. Your IT staff can access, manage and change the master keypads for all stores from any computer. Updates are sent to stores with the click of a button or can be scheduled for hands free updates when new product launches are released.

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