Frequently Asked Questions


What makes your system suitable for franchise networks?

Shift8’s founders all came from within the franchise industry. We’ve built in tools that will make franchisees more attuned to their business while encouraging compliance in service standards, revenue reporting, promotion adherence and operational excellence. At the same time Shift8 makes it easier for head offices to administer and monitor the point of sale network and provide superior operational support in key areas.

I have a complicated concept, can you make or build changes to suit my business?

Shift8 is experienced with some of the most complex operational setups, however we’re always keen to deliver even better solutions. We welcome feature enhancement suggestions and do our best to fit these into the product road map. Most often feature enhancements are performed at no charge and can be deployed quickly.


Can I reuse the old hardware in my store?

Yes, in most cases we are able to install our software directly on to your existing point of sale hardware. Around 80% of our clients use our software on their legacy hardware.

As a general guide the existing hardware is required to be running Windows XP or higher. If you are using a thin client solution or Windows CE then we will need to evaluate your system to confirm compatibility.

Do I need to buy hardware from you in the future?

No, you are free to purchase compatible hardware from an alternate supplier. Most of our clients prefer to buy hardware for their new stores directly from us as we offer free installation with any complete POS system purchased directly from Shift8.

We may charge a fee for software installation onto hardware not purchased directly from Shift8 or installation on to a tablet only solution.

I only have one shop, will your system suit me?

Shift8’s software and hardware is designed specifically for multisite retailers and franchisors and is generally suited to brands with at least 5 stores in the network. If you are serious about growing your brand and are under this number then please contact us anyway and our sales team will be happy to discuss your case in more detail.


My franchisees already have a point of sale program, do they need to switch?

We know you’ll get the most value from the platform when all stores are using it. Because of this, we’ve made it easy for your franchisees to convert using their existing compatible hardware and with no upfront costs.

How much time will we need to dedicate to this process?

Shift8 has converted brands with over 50 stores in as little as 2 days. Other times we’ve taken a staggered approach. Your roll out plan will be dependant on your store network and how prepared you are to communicate the change process to franchisees.

Who needs to be involved in the roll out process?

Your Shift8 client manager will facilitate the software deployment, however we recommend you nominate one internal representative to drive the project and communicate the change process to franchisees and head office staff. This person can be anyone from an IT Manager to Administration clerk. Your operations staff will also be a great resource for distributing timelines, providing on site training and collecting hardware information from the field.


We already have a loyalty program. How will we migrate the program and how will this affect members?

Shift8 will handle the creation of your program rules within HiveMind. We have plenty of experience migrating membership data so that there is minimal and often zero impact on members themselves.

Can we communicate with our loyalty members?

Yes. Shift8 can push member information to your compatible CRM program so that you can regularly communicate with members.

Can members use a smartphone to access their accounts?

Yes. Shift8 has a loyalty API that will allow your app provider to retrieve, change and edit account information.

Have More Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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