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Point of Sale systems designed for franchisors and multi-site retailers operating in the quick service retail and cafe industries.


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Unify Your Brand

Shift8 delivers a customer experience unique to your brand and consistent across stores for ordering, digital loyalty, speed of service.

Best Practice

Increase compliance in your store network. Implement group marketing promotions, tiered pricing and track everything at the terminal.

Data Visibility

Empower your staff and stores with the data to make the right decisions. In real-time. Across your entire network.

The standout thing is that the reliability has been extremely strong and the timeliness of being able to make informed decisions has improved dramatically with just the ease of getting access to data.

If we want to make changes, we can go live and do it, whereas before we had to dial into every terminal and it was just a complete disaster. So this, we can just update it into the cloud and it gets updated across all the stores that we nominate.

Luke Baylis

Managing Director, SumoSalad

We moved to Shift8 about 3 years ago, after experiencing numerous difficulties with our previous register supplier.  Shift8 has been great to work with both on the design and development side as well as on the support side.

Our franchisees have also had far better support than previously and are able to use the system with ease. It was by far the best move we could have made joining with Shift8 Sarah Dawson-Shepherd

Business Information Analyst, Mrs Fields

The system can generate professional finance reports based on the sales and pre-loaded data, the Shift8 team is also willing to help and keep launching new features in the system.

Clark Wang

General Manager, Cha Time

I was looking for a more sophisticated, franchise specific point of sale software which could grow with our rapidly expanding company. I found the perfect solution in Shift8’s comprehensive point of sale system, which has far exceed my expectations.

Alexander Sutton

General Manager, Nutrition Station

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